The lovely Golden West Rose bottle. It is clear with a black capsule on top, pink liquid inside. The label shows a pink sun above green hills, and reads "Golden West. The Promise. Pinot Noir Rosé . 2019"

2019 Golden West Pinot Noir Rosé

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A clear bottle with a black capsule, a colorful label, and pink rose wine inside.

Tasting Notes by Winemaker Charles Smith

“Alluring color draws you in. Shimmering pale pink suggests that cherry blossom, apple skin, golden plum come juicy and layered. Watermelon rind, rose petals and star anise take you on a long ride to a delicious and mouthwatering finish.”

Vintage Notes

The 2019 vintage was on the cooler side as it started slow with later-than-usual bud break and continued on to be fairly moderate throughout the year. Some vineyards had issues with an October freeze a bit earlier than usual, but our high-elevation vineyards have great air drainage which allows us to extend the growing season late into October without freeze. This yielded fantastic ripening and some awesome wines with incredible balance and character. Overall, we are excited about the wine produced in 2019, which has brought us more finesse, incredible flavors and lovely balance.


Varietal Breakdown: 100% Pinot Noir
Appellation: Ancient Lakes of Columbia Valley
Vineyard(s): Evergreen Vineyard, Ancient Lakes (100%)
Production: 2.2 tons per acre | Native yeast | 100% whole cluster fermentation | Stainless steel tank fermentation | No malolactic fermentation | 3 months aged on lees
Wine Analysis: 6.1 g/L titratable acidity | 3.29 pH | 12.5% alcohol | No residual sugar

About Golden West

Golden West is rooted in completing the story of Washington State.
Winemaker Charles Smith has successfully shown that Washington, like France, can produce great Rhone varietals, Bordeaux varietals and aromatic whites. We began our story of Burgundy with SIXTO; Golden West came from the idea that where Chardonnay lives, so does Pinot Noir.
There is plenty of high-end Pinot Noir in the market and not enough at a really good price that nearly everyone can afford. Golden West fulfills THE PROMISE of what we set out to do: to bring really great wine to a lot more people.
The label is meant to show you where the wine is grown; to show both the geography and that it’s handmade and agricultural. When people think of Pinot Noir, they think artisanal and small. The layers of color signal both the complexity and simplicity of what’s in the bottle.

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